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 TCB Solutions is a national career marketing firm specializing in short and long term staffing recruitment for:
  • Nonprofit Executive Search
  • Construction Executive and Professional Search
  • Financial Executive Search
  • Telecommunications Professional Search
  • IT Executive Search

We work closely with our clients to identify ways to make staffing less painful and more cost efficient. Hiring is a major purchasing decision and in many cases can make or break an organization. The costs associated with hiring can be high, especially after you factor in training, development, compensation, benefits, incentive programs and turnover. Utilizing the services of a dedicated professional recruiter can help to reduce the high investment requirements needed to attract and retain top talent.


We offer a diverse blend of programs and services including retainer, contingency and con-tainer recruiting to help with your short-term and long-term needs. All of our services are led by a Principal Recruiter. We specialize in diversity recruitment and have relationships with many of the leading professional networks, community based organizations and universities.

Tell us about your hiring needs and we will develop a proposal that fits your forecast in terms of number of hires, types of positions and levels, hiring schedule and budget. Work with a team who is dedicated to the discovery of talent and devoted to your company's growth.

Posting Prices: 1 month $40, two months $70, three months $100, long term partnerships with unlimited postings - call us. Introductory Special - New Clients receive three postings for the price of one.

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