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The role of the nonprofit sector is to fill services and gaps in society that the government and or the private sector has not addressed. Compared to the for profit sector, that is businesses that sell products and exist to make money for their owners or shareholders, nonprofit organizations exist to promote a cause or provide a public service.

There are more than a million nonprofit organizations in the US addressing issues that affect the environment, quality education, health care, arts and culture, scientific research and economic development. The nonprofit sector is fast growing with more than 11 million employees.

Most countries have some form of nonprofit or community organization, often referred to as a NGO, nongovernmental organizations. Nonprofit organizations tend to be small and require a wide array of skills and talents. The average turnover rate among nonprofit employees is high, the average employee stays for 1-4 years.¬ Non profit organizations generally look for professionals to fill the following roles:

Leadership - Salaries vary depending on the size of the organizarion

Executive Director 

Salary: $95,000+ 

Can be compared to a CEO or President

Degree: BA, MBA/MPA preferred

Deputy Director

Salary: $75,000 - $125,000+

Works closely with the Executive Director and can be compared to a Vice President

Degree: BA, MBA/MPA preferred

Associate Director

Salary: $55,000+ 

May lead a department or work to support the efforts of the Deputy Director

Degree: BA, MBA/MPA preferred



Salary: $65,000+

Often determines the strategy behind program development and manages key partners and program staff

Degree: BA, MPA or MSW preferred


Associate Director

Salary: $50,000+ 

If the organization is large, there will mostly be an Associate Director to assist the director and manage staff

 Degree: BA, MPA or MSW preferred


Program Manager


Seeks outreach opportunities and develops relationships with key partners and volunteers

Degree: BA


Program Assistant

Salary: $38,000+ 

May oversee the administrative duties and work on special volunteer and outreach projects

¬ Degree: BA


Director of Development

Salary: $50,000 - 80,000+

Spearheads the overall fundraising efforts and manages staff. Tracks federal, state and city funding and legislation.

Degree: BA, Master's preferred, must have a strong fundraising background, CFRE may be required


Major Gifts Manager

Salary: $45,000 - $75,000+

Works specifically with individuals, corporate, government and foundations to secure donation opportunities.


Degree: BA, strong fundraising background

Grant Writer

Salary: $40,000 - $65,000+

Researches current grant opportunities and prepares and writes grants and follows up with donors


Degree:¬ BA, strong writing background¬ 

Special Event Manager

Salary: $35,000+

Creates special events for donors and volunteers, most of the events are for fundraising and donor cultivation purposes.


Other highly sought after professionals include:

New Business Developer - $50,000 - $75,000+

CFO - $70,000+

Survey Administrator - $40,000+

Database Manager - $35,000+

Direct Marketing Manager - $40,000+


Fact: A succinct and easy to read and understand resume can drastically reduce the amount time and money spent looking for a career opportunity
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"My achievements really stand out resume. I am proud to say that I am the new Director of Programs for a leading nonprofit educational organization. Thanks for all of your help. "
- S. Velez, Washington, DC


"I have been a Development Associate for years and I must say that my new resume is exactly what I needed, my Executive Director was shocked and impressed. Needless to say, I got the promotion."

- A. Jackson, Director of Development, New York, NY

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