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Corporate Titles

Corporate Titles

Great Resource - - Occupational Outlook Handbook  - For a complete list of titles with descriptions

While not all business organizations follow an identical hierarch of positions, a typical company hierarchy is as follows:

Top Management -  C-Level Executives

Education Required: Master's Degree/ Professional Degree and several years' experience
Chairperson of the Board
President and/or Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Executive Director - Nonprofit

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Senior Level - Masters Degree & Professional Degree is often required
Executive Vice President
Associate Vice President
Vice President
Deputy Director - Nonprofit
Officer: Comptroller, Corporate Secretary, Treasurer

Mid Level Management - Four Year Bachelors Degree may be required

Associate Director

Executive Assistant - May also be an Office Manager

Frontline - Entry Level - Two Year Associates Degree may be required


Support Staff - High School Diploma and specialized training may be required
Administrative Assistant

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